International Centre of Seal Culture // Grand Opening Ceremony 2018 // Guangzhou, China


Nigel Eyre (Managing Director of ASAP Stamps Ltd - Custom Stamps Online's Parent Company) along with his family, were recently invited to attend a Museum opening ceremony in Guangzhou, China, as representatives of the UK Rubber Stamp Manufacturers Guild.

Rubber Stamps or ‘Seals’ as they are known in China, are still huge business, with every Chinese company legally required to have several government-approved stamps. In addition, some of the seals have been used to verify documents from dynasties thousands of years ago. Some were seen as a mark of standing and were elaborately engraved in precious stone and wood carvings. The more important the dynasty, the more detailed and ornate the stamp was/is. It became very apparent that they were not short of exhibits for the Museum where a wide variety of Seals and Rubber Stamps were showcased across four levels.

Nigel comments: “So off we went not really knowing what to expect. You will see that it was a little grander than we imagined, with delegates from many countries including the American association, Hong Kong and Japan to name but a few…
The enormity of the event was beyond what we could have imagined – limo service to and from the venue, individual interpreters for all foreign delegates, four Cantonese banquets in two days. The event itself featured on local television and the museum was on a scale with some of the national museums in London.”

The short movie created by Holly Eyre describes the trip.