Hand Stamping For Event and Venue Entry


Do you have an event or run a venue where you need to allow customers to re-enter once they've left for a short time?

Links for the perfect self inking stamps for Venue Entry:

MaxStamp C17 -15mm diameter MaxStamp 5210 - 18x18mm | MaxStamp C30 - 28mm diameter |MaxStamp 5280 - 28x28mm

Rubber stamps are the perfect solution:

Our self inking stamps and ink pads contain water based inks that will dry quickly and safely on ink and will remain visable for several hours. The marks can be easily removed with soapy water.

Tips for buying and using stamps for events and venues:

  • A bold design without too much detail will work best.
  • Don't make the stamp too large - 25 to 30mm should be big enough for an adult. And perhaps 15-20mm for small children.
  • Self-inking stamps are often the most popular, as no separate ink pad is required. The pad is inside the stamp.
  • Try to stamp on the flatest part of the hand or arm.
  • Stamps work best if the surface isn't too damp.
  • Don't forget to order spare ink pads!
  • If you have an event over more than one day, you could use a different colour pad the second day, so you don't have the buy two different designs.
  • Here are some recommendations for suitable stamps:
  1. MaxStamp C17 -15mm diameter self inking stamp
  2. MaxStamp 5210 - 18x18mm self inking stamp
  3. MaxStamp C30 - 28mm diameter self inking stamp
  4. MaxStamp 5280 - 28x28mm self inking stamp