Eco-friendly present wrapping this Christmas


We've got an eco-friendly solution to wrapping presents this Christmas - and your gifts will still look wonderfully festive!

Did you know...? Lots of your wrapping paper can’t be recycled!

According to a study by and GP Batteries, we bin approximately 108 million rolls of wrapping paper at Christmas. And huge amounts of that can’t be recycled!

Most wrapping paper is dyed, laminated or contains extra items such as glitter - none of which can be recycled!

Try our beautiful, environmentally-friendly wrapping:

You can still give festively wrapped presents with our eco-friendly wrapping solution. Plus, it’s great fun with the kids (or for any crafty adults).

1) Brown recyclable paper

Simply use brown (recyclable) paper and customise it with your own unique Christmas touch.

Even better, it’s really quick and simple!

2) Use a rubber stamp to personalise or decorate

Stamp on a message to each present such as ‘Merry Christmas from The Carters’ or ‘Seasons Greetings, Love Jake & Sarah xxx’.

You can design your own customised Christmas rubber stamp here.

Or stamp Christmas images to make festive patterns on your paper.

They’ll last for years and years, creating fun, personalised, festive wrapping paper… that can be recycled!

3) Why not also try these environmentally-friendly wrapping decorations?

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Holly leaves / Christmas Tree off-cuts
  • Twine bows
  • Pine cones
  • Children’s artwork
  • Paper roses