Decorate Your Kid’s Room With Fun Personalised Stamps


Delight your kids with a new-look bedroom wall.

Quick and simple to do… decorating rooms with fun patterns is one of our favourite ways to keep them entertained and add some colour to the bedroom walls. Rubber stamps make the perfect instrument - they’re affordable and an effortless way to create a wallpaper look but using paint. 

Rubber stamps are the perfect craft for kids. They’re great for any age, from little children, right through to older kids who are perfecting their craft skills and want to put their own stamp on their bedroom wall. 

Here’s our guide to decorating your room with stamps: 

What you need

  • Rubber stamps (in the design of your choice)
  • Coloured paint pots (tester pots are usually enough)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Plain paper
  • A wall

Choosing a design

Using a stamp to create a wallpaper look, not only makes it really easy, but ensures an immaculate, consistent print across your walls.

You can customise stamps any way you like, giving you any pattern you can dream of… we’ve gone for unicorns and stars for one wall and dinosaurs for another, but the possibilities are endless.

Mix it up with animals and shapes, alongside letters. We’ve also got rubber stamp alphabet letters and written “RARR” next to the dinosaurs and “MAGIC” by the unicorns - it just gives that extra special touch.

Colours and walls

For a soft look, lower the contrast of colours and use a light coloured paint on a plain, white wall. For a look with more energy, try a bolder contrast - yellow on navy or dark green.

Top tip: order 2 stamps in the same design, one as a solid shape and the other as just the outline. This gives a beautiful effect, for example, try a light green solid dinosaur with a dark green outline.


  • You only need a small amount of paint, so using your paintbrush, very lightly apply your chosen colour.
  • Do a few practice prints on some paper, just to make sure you’re getting the effect you’re looking for.
  • Re-apply a light coating of paint to the stamps and press very firmly onto the wall to check it’s all printed. 

That’s as easy as it is! Order your customised rubber stamp here.

Take a look at our inspiration: