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RS24 - Rubber Stamp Size 24

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RS16 - Rubber Stamp Size 16

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Colop DIY Clothing Marker Stamp Kit

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9950/2 Round 2 Coloured Dater

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Glossary for Rubber Stamps and associated marking products.

A1 ink

Specially formulated to dry on non porous surfaces and not chemically react with rubber dies or the plastic shell on self inking stamps. Will stay moist on the pad for several hours before the need to re-ink.

Automatic Numberers

A numberer that automatically advances with each depression. Can be set to advance in consecutive, duplicate, triplicate etc. Made by the Rexel Company as model No UN12.

Band Stamps

As the name implies, is a series of revolving bands held in a steel plated frame. Supplied with a mix of either 0-9, A-M or N-Z bands, depending on requirement. Can be supplied as a traditional rubber stamp for use with a pad or specially made as a self inker.

Ceramic Mug

High quality mugs, premium dishwaher safe coating. Available in white. Used for making photo or logo mugs. Any image/photo/logo can be put on to the mug using a process called sublimation.

Checker Stamps

Usually small Self Inking or pre-inked stamps that can be easily carried by the operator. Often of circular design with space for 2-3 words and a number. A typical example of a checked stamp would be "CHECKED BY" curved around edge and "66" number positioned in the middle. Checker stamps are supplied with a close fitting top allowing them to be keep in the pocket without leaks.

Cheque Stamps

Single line rubber, self-inking or pre-inked stamps that are of suitable size for stamping on bank cheques. The impression will normally feature the name of a person or business.

Clock Stamps

Specialist educational stamps that feature a blank clock (without hands). Clock stamps are ideal for teaching pupils or children to tell the time.

Coin Stamps

A full range of UK currency coin stamps are availiable mounted on MaxStamp self-inking stamps. Coin stamps are the perfect tool for teaching young children to count and add.

Colop Stamps

The brand name for a range of stamps, predominantly self inking stamps. The huge range includes self inking rubber stamps, daters, numberers and pocket roller stamps.

Company Seal

A medium duty desk embosser, suitable for embossing paper up to 120gsm with standard seal designs up to 35mm in diameter. It can accommodate up to 30 characters and spaces around the circumference. Crests and company logos can be produced from your own black and white artwork. Depending on the complexity of the design, the die may require hand finishing.

Craft Stamps

Craft stamps are sometimes refered to as "art stamps", and are used by craft enthusiasts to create decorative and colourful patterns. Often several colours of ink will be used on a single stamp. Unlike conventional office stamps, craft stamps are normally manufactured using transparent polymer, and are mounted on clear perspex blocks. Used in the popular hobbies of scrapbooking and letterboxing.

Craft Stamps Online

Craft Stamps Online is our sister site and specialises in craft and art stamps. An extensive and ever-growing range of craft stamps is available, and customers can upload their own artwork to create a custom rubber stamp. Craft stamps differ from office stamps in that they are usually made from clear polymer rubber.

Dater Stamps

Adjustable band stamps that provide the facility to print a date. These stamps can be produced as traditional Rubber stamps, or Self inking stamps. Dater stamps are supplied with a 10 year range.

Die Plate Daters

A range of dater stamps that have the facility to incorporate additional information on the die plate.

Double Daters / Numberers

Colop 60 self inking daters / numberers can be supplied in a host of configurations with dates and numberers being placed in various formations. The baseline model comes supplied with 2 dates mounted side by side with space above and below for additional text.

Double sided pad self-inkers

Maxum A series self-inking stamps have a unique feature; the pad is reversible and allows you to double the life of your self-inker. When the impression becomes light in colour and you need a new pad, you simply pull the pad out, turn it over and reinsert it into the stamp. You have now doubled the life of your self-inking stamp in one easy step!

Easiway Embossing Press

The Easiway is a medium duty embossing press capable of embossing paper up to 120gsm. The press can accommodate a maximum of 6 lines of text, with up to 21 characters and spaces per line. The maximum print area is 57mm x 22mm. The Easiway stands approx 15cm high.

Educational Stamps

(See section on School Stamps)

Egg Stamps

Soft and flexible rubber stamps specially designed for marking eggs without breaking them. Usually used in conjunction with food marking ink.

Embossing Stamps

Stamps that emboss paper, ideal as company seals and other permanent embossed marks.

Endorsing Ink

A pigment based ink which is used as standard on all self inking stamps and traditional stamp pads. Ideal for use on porous surfaces such as paper.

Engraved Signs

Engraved signs can be produced in various materials and finishes - Stainless Steel - Bronze - Brass - Anodized Aluminium. The solid brass plate provides the ideal appearance for presentation, registered office plate, memorial plaques etc.

Flash Stamps

Flash Stamps are made using new technology which allows the impression to be made through stencil type techniques. The stamps give a similar result to the pre-inked stamps, do not require a pad and can be re-inked. This break through in stamp technology allows hundreds of clear impressions without loss of detail or clarity. The quality of your 1st impression will much like that of your 500th.

Food Marking Ink

A non toxic ink made with Erythrosine pure glycerine & methylated spirits. Often used with Egg stamps.

Hand Held Plier Seal

This is the smallest press available and comes in a range of colours to suit; Navy Blue, Black, Burgundy and Green. The seal is completely portable, lightweight and fits neatly into its own PVC wallet. The plier seal is suitable for embossing paper up to 90gsm with standard seal designs up to 35mm in diameter. It can accommodate up to 30 characters and spaces around the circumference. Crests and company logos can be produced from your own black and white artwork. Depending on the complexity of the design, the die may require hand finishing.

Ideal Stamps

The brand name for a range of various stamps, predominately self inking stamps.


LEM - Low Emissions Manufacturing

  • Absolutely NO water! That’s right .... no water is used in finishing the printing plate.
  • Absolutely NO chemicals! That's right .... no chemicals are used to finish any of the products that use the LEM™ process.
  • Absolutely NO odors! That's right .... you can say goodbye to customer complaints about offensive odors! No charcoal filters needed or burnt rubber ash emitted into the atmosphere.
  • Absolutely NO effluent! That's right .... absolutely nothing goes down the drain in the LEM™ process!
  • Absolutely NO need for replacement pads! That's right .... the LEM process completely eliminates the need to buy expensive replacement ink pads.
  • Very little power! Much less power is used in the LEM™ process. So little, in fact, that a 100 watt light bulb left on for one hour uses more power than is required to process a batch of LEM™ stamps!


A comprehensive range of inexpensive pre-inked stock stamps.

Maxlight Stamps

The Brand name for a very popular Flash Stamp. Offers exceptional quality impressions time after time, achieved by using new flash technology.

Maxum Stamps

The brand name for a wide ranging variety of stamps predominately self inking stamps. Covering single line self inking stamps to self inking and rubber daters.

Monogram Stamp

A circular self-inking stamp that has interchangable type and borders. Monogram stamps are very popular with craft and scrapbooking enthusiasts.


A range of nameplates fitted with double sided adhesive for door fixing, or without adhesive if supplied with plate holders. The plates are made from 1/16" thick plastic and come in the following colours; White letters on Black, Red, Blue, Green and Woodgrain. Black letters on White, Yellow, Gold and Silver.

Numberer Stamps

Adjustable band stamps that provide the facility to print numbers. These Stamps can have various numbers of digits ranging from 2 to 20. These stamps are available as traditional Rubber Stamps or Self Inking Stamps. Usually supplied in the following sizes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm & 18mm.

Office Stamps

Any type of rubber, self inking or pre-inked stamp used in an office environment.

Pen Stamps

A pen that incorporates a self inking stamp in the barrel.

Perma Stamps

This is the brand name of the original pre-inked stamp introduced by Johnson Wax and has to be manufactured under licence. (See Pre-inked stamps section)

Photo Mug

High Quality Mug with a diswasher safe premium coating. Decorated with an Image, photo or emblem. Usually made to order using artwork supplied. 

Pink Ink Stamp

A special Trodat self-inking stamp that has the added feature of pink ink.

Pocket Stamps

Self inking stamps that are slim to allow easy pocket use. Ideal for Quality Control and product approval where the operator needs to have the stamp accessible at all times. Simply choose the size and shape you require and design you own wording and layout.

Polymet Ink

A spirit based Ink designed for use on non porous surfaces where endorsing inks smudge. Designed for use with Traditional Rubber stamps and a dry Pad.

Pre-inked Stamps

A pre-inked stamp is made from a micro porous material which holds the ink in the material eliminating the need for a stamp pad. Pre-inked stamps can be made in Black, Blue, Red, Green or Purple. Pre-inked Stamps are one of the very stamp types which can be supplied in 2,3 & 4 different colours all on one stamp.

PSI Stamps

Flash Stamps that provide "Perfect Silent Impressions" This range is also available as a slim stamp ideal for carrying on ones person.

Replacement pads

Replacement pads for any Self inking Stamps. Usually available in black, red, blue, green and purple. Available for a wide range of stamps including the Maxum, Trodat, Colop, Ideal and shiny ranges.

Rexel Un12 Automatic Numberer

(See section on automatic numberers)

Rocker Mounts

Made to measure wooden mounts, suited for the larger rubber stamps, allows a clear impression to be stamped. The curved surface allows printing using a rolling motion, without having to use excessive force to achieve a clear impression.

Roller Stamps

The new roller stamp from Colop is a pen marker that features a band of continuous text that can be rolled over a page or surface. Mark you documents the striking way!

Rubber Stamps

Traditional rubber stamps provide and economical marking device for use with a stamp pad. Rubber stamps can be made any size to suit your marking requirement. They have a tremendous flexibility over other types of stamp, by changing the type of rubber used for the die plate/text plate and ink type. You can print on a variety of different surfaces, such as wood, metal, plastics, glossy paper etc.

School Stamps

A range of pre-inked stock stamps ideal as an educational tool for teachers and parents. Perfect Stamps for motivating and encouraging students and children. A full range of school rubber stamps can be seen at our site School Stamps Online.

Security Stamp

The security kit features a self-inking Maxum 3 stamp, special ultra violet ink and a UV light. The ink is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen when using the UV light, making it perfect for securely marking valuable documents and possessions.

Self inking Dater

Combines the self inking stamp and the adjustable date stamp. (see self inking stamps section). Daters have a 10 year range controlled by adjustable wheels for ease of use, and avoidance of inky fingers. Daters are usually supplied in the following - day, month and year. SEE EXAMPLE "10 JUN 2006."

Self Inking Die Plate Dater

Combines the self inking stamp, an adjustable date stamp to produce a hybrid machine, allowing both text and adjustable date to share the same stamp. Company logo’s & images are also achievable on die plate daters.

Self Inking Stamps

The self inking stamp has a special mount that has a built in ink pad and spring mechanism that automatically re-inks the die between impressions. Can be used with other types of ink when a dry pad is used instead of a standard ink pad. Much the same a rubber stamp, just without the need for a separate ink pad.

Single Line Die Plate Dater

Single line daters are self-inking date stamps that allow a single line of custom text, normally to the immediate left of the date.

Special Dater

Rubber stamps with daters situated away from the usual central position required by most dater stamps models. Allows a flexibility in die plate/text plate not offered by other dater types. Requires separate ink pad.

Stamp Pads

Pads for use with Rubber stamps available in various colours or dry for use with specialised inks.

Stamp Racks

Available in various shapes and sizes, racks bring order to your desk top, organizing your collection of rubber stamps into one place.

Subject Stamps

Specialist educational stamps that display a range of different school subjects.

Teacher Stamps

(See section on School Stamps)

Time & Date Stamp

Time and date stamps as the name implies prints both the time and date. The date being located in the middle of the stamp, wheels located externally are used for easy adjustment. The time is adjusted by twisting the outer ring of the stamp to align with static pointer/arrow. Several versions are available including 12 and 24 hours models with or without additional text. These are supplied as rubber stamps and require a separate ink pad.

Trodat Stamps

The brand name for a range of various stamps predominately self inking stamps, which also include daters, time & date stamps, typo kits etc.

Tube Checkers

Small circular stamps that are intended for use on packaging or industrial products. The stamps feature an ink pad in the cap so they can be carried in a pocket without the need for a separate pad.

Xcalamation stamps

A range of pre-inked stock stamps ideal as an educational tool for teachers and parents. Perfect Stamps for motivating and encouraging students and children.


A range of pre-inked stock stamps which includes the title 3 in 1 stamps which allow you to choose 3 designs that rotate within 1 stamp casing.